Interview with Jason P. Morgan

jasonmorganJason P. Morgan
Performance test architect, Tractor Supply Co.

Q: What are you and your team responsible for at Tractor Supply Company?
A: I am responsible for performance testing activities that support Tractor Supply’s technology. This includes our omni-channel and store systems.

Q: How does your position add value to the company?
A: As a performance test architect, I work with different teams at Tractor Supply to ensure that the performance of our internally and externally facing technology provides the best experience for our customer as well as our team members. A few examples of what this would include are our POS, payment switch, public website, order management systems, etc. We ensure the systems are measured and tested so that during peak seasonal traffic, our technology will perform as optimally as possible. I also provide information that helps the IT teams understand and improve their systems that include data such as performance analytics.

Q: What’s your proudest accomplishment in your career at Tractor Supply?
A: I received the Cyrus Hall McCormick Award for going the “country mile” and supporting the IT mission and guiding principles.

Q: What made you interested in technology as a career?
A: I enjoy the fast-paced, ever-changing environment where I can create significant positive changes from the end of my fingertips. I also am incredibly passionate about technology performance and performance analytics and what it can do for companies.

Q: What’s the “next big thing” in Nashville’s tech landscape?
A: I see a large need for performance analytics and “big data” services to provide information to support our growing technology scene here in Nashville.

Q: How are you connected to the tech community in Nashville?
A: I keep in touch with many of my colleagues who work at different businesses, as well as attend webinars and join local meetups. You can learn a lot from a conversation over coffee.

Q: What’s your best piece of advice for young tech workers?
A: Be so passionate about what you do that you energize the people around you. Technology changes every second of every day; embrace that change and use it to make a more positive tomorrow.